Fauna & Flora International

What is Fauna & Flora International?

Fauna & Flora is the world’s oldest nature conservation organization. It was founded in 1903 and is developing innovate and sustainable approaches to protect the biodiversity of our planet ever since. Often they are the pioneer that inspires other organizations and charities to follow certain procedures or to enforce new standards. Fauna & Flora’s mission is to protect threatened species as well as ecosystems, focusing on sustainable and on science based approaches while taking human needs into account.

Why did we choose Fauna & Flora?

Fauna & Flora is currently involved in over 140 different projects spreading over more than 40 countries. Below we have listed some of their most impressive achievements and success stories:

Mountain Gorillas Preservation

As founding member of the “International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP), Fauna & Flora had a huge contribution to protect the almost worldwide distinct mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Kongo and Uganda.  Since 1991, IGCP was able to preserve their habitat which led to a 17% increase of gorillas in that region. One of their biggest milestones however was the transboundary agreement to align policies to protect the mountain gorillas and to make the locals aware of benefits.

Iberian Lynx Preservation

Fauna & Flora successfully protected 10.000 hectare of cork oak forest and maquis shrublands which is also home for the Iberian lynx who is one of the world’s most threatened cat species (not more than 200 Iberian lynxes are left to enjoy a life in the wild).This success story perfectly shows how well Fauna & Flora tries to protect the inhabitants and species while balancing it with the needs of the local people who harvested the cork for hundreds of years and depend on the diverse habitat for products such as honey, local cured meat,s and cheeses.

Primates Presevation in Vietnam and China

While everyone else believed that the tonkin snub-nosed monkey and the western black crested gibbon were already extinct, Fauna &Flora did find the last ones and did immediately start protecting the fragile creatures. Since the economy in those two countries is rapidly growing, more and more natural resources like timber, water, and land are required. Additional Fauna & Flora had to protect the species from being hunted down ending partly up as traditional medicine.

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